What is Snapshot?

A channel snapshot is a record of activities in a channel within a period of time.

It can be activated in Text, Forum, Voice, and Stage channels. Snapshot results can be exported into a Google sheet instantly after the event.

Snapshot can help you

  1. Record the attendance of live-streaming events, e.g., AMA
  2. Record how long each member stays for the live event
  3. Record the participants of some community creation events, e.g. meme campaigns and compile and export all entries into a single file

How to use Snapshot

<aside> 📌 User needs to have Administrator permission to use the commands below


Step 1 - Start snapshot

Type /start-snapshot in the chat box in any channel.


Step 2 - Enter the channel name

Select the channel name and press ‘Enter’.


You will receive a snapshot status when it starts.


Step 3 - Stop Snapshot

When the event ends, click Stop Snapshot to end the snapshot.


Alternatively, you can also type /stop-snapshot and selecting the channel that you want to end the snapshot.