What is ID Graph?

It creates a mapping of a user’s on-chain activities (via wallet binding) and other online activities (via third-party account connecting) to their Discord account. It adds more dimensions to the user profile, gives you a better understanding of your community, and helps refine your messaging and targeting.

ID Graph can help you

  1. Collect and verify your user’s wallets, social media accounts and gaming platform accounts
  2. Better understand your community and identify users that are most valuable to you based on their profiles, e.g., Twitter influencers, whales, hardcore gamers, etc.
  3. Assign Discord roles based on user profiles

How to use ID Graph?

<aside> 📌 User needs to have Administrator permission to use this command /send-connect


Step 1 - Send connect

Go to the channel where you’d like your users start the account binding process. Type /send-connect .


Click Confirm to create a public interactive message.


Step 2 - Let’s Connect

A public message will pop up that’s visible to all the users in the channel.


Users needs to click the Let’s Connect button and will be directed to the account binding page in the browser, where they can bind their wallets, socials and game accounts to the same Discord account.


Step 3 - Access User Insights dashboard (COMING SOON)